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I figure i should put up a journal before i start runnin my mouth in here so here it a medical caregiver and im always runnin new stuff lookin for that special plant.found a few along the way but still seaching.anyhow i been running masterkush for years and a few others and i do some testing for gage green genetics so ill be doin a few new ones from them real soon.heres a few pics from a recent chop or two and a few from the grow,peace
bh 005.JPG

some big homie bigbud x larry og
bh 028.JPG


and below is some odyssey x og from ggg
ody#2 062.JPG
ody#2 064.JPG
ody#3 4-11.JPG
odyssey #3 4-11.JPG
and this last one shoulda been in that thread,show off your elite cuts.its royal rumble from a friend.kingskush x wreckage
rr chop & more 031.JPG
rr chop & more 036.JPG
rr chop & more 042.JPG


thanks outwest,heres some random shit from the last few weeks.first one is a cheese x tahoe @ about 8 wks
chez#2 8wks.JPG

this one is a og kush from dinafem @ about 6 wks,theres a younger querkle behind her.
og kush 6 wks.JPG

just took down a cross im workin,black rose x royal rumble
brx3 chop 001 (56).JPG

trimmed brx nugz
brx3 chop 001 (72).JPG

look for some of these in the near future,peace
evo beans 005.JPG


I've used fem strains in crosses before with no ill effects to the progeny. I always wonder though what that does down the line to the lineage, if anything. Probably not a biggie at all. And trust me you have good reason to be excited about that Cheeto x, as the Bubba Katsu in them Divine strains is real deal funkytown!!! I did the Eskimo Kush and it was some straight fire!!! One seed too. Still sitting on the rest of the pack. Might grab me a couple packs for the buy one get one free 420 deal Logic is doing.


so im bored and full of mexican food and figured i could toss up some more pics of my grow.i been here a minute,but recently dicided to post a bit and i like the spunk from some members here lol.think ill stick around and make myself at home:cool:

i run a perpetual setup and we try to chop 2 girls a week.the strain list over the years is crazy but i have alot of fun doin this.veg is under a shitload of t5 and my flower pad is 12'x20'x9.5' and i use all but about a 4'x4' area near the door.i run mostly 600 with a few 400 in the hoping i can do a harddrive dump now and come back and label the pics later lol.ill try to start with the veg machine if poss,brb
veg machine.JPG

veg machine.JPG
ad, 015.JPG
bg @ 6 wks 013.JPG
big homie & others 055.JPG
big mk .JPG
big ole mk 001.JPG
br chop#1 pic.JPG
br dwc (3).JPG
br#1 3-12.JPG
brx1 @ 60 days.JPG
bubblegum #3 chop 020.JPG


Damn I'm so envious of your setup!!! I need to learn to control environment before stuffing my space like that. When I get my 10x10 space back up and running I'm going to try and get some modifications done to my environment control because we got VERY hot summers here and no way I can run more than 1000w or a tad more without it becoming a huge investment in HVAC or heat exchangers/ice boxes etc... I can grow the hell outa some herb but damn setup skillsw is not my strong point.
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