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The clones in cups were drooping this morning... 1 was last night. I watered early to get some oversight kelp in a couple days ago.... The color is steadily improving and growth continues despite the droop...

I have no plans to do anything but watch while the cups dry out as the immediate problem is water frequency. Easy fix. They are less than a week out from their transplant after all... I'm fairly confident that my pH going in is suitable for once... Going in this time, I'm aware that this strain and I dont get along very well in veg. Flower is no trouble...

I had to reference the cartoon I made for just this occasion over two years ago when I was failing miserably with one tent. Lol

(I colored it myself with crayons! Lol)
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Watered dry clones just now.
In 6.0/1.0 Out 6.5/0.8

...underfed and way too basic. I guess I'm still finding my ideal pH in this mix.

Watered again to runoff after testing with another new jug of feed.
In 5.9/1.2 Out 6.1/1.0

...better. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ the plants color almost immediately started improving...

Getting closer.
Hit a bit of a bump. A self made bump, (as usual 🤣) but a bump none the less lol.

Triaged it here;

I think I'll get it nailed down pretty quick.

Not a fatal bump... 🤞
As you can likely guess by my previous post, my pH appears to have drifted back up to around 6.8 in these cups. I did a soil test on all of them before lights out today. Not good. Too much lime... Its not the end though lol.

All of the older plants at higher feed rates and seedlings... somehow... are doing well in the same or similar mix. I'm going to keep a close eye on the flower tent as usual, but tonight when the lights come on I will try to amend the media in all the cups/nursery pot with the newer version of my mix for this experiment. Much less lime... I'll swap out as much as I can without disturbing the roots. Prepping that operation now...
I mean I know the pH should be a little lower but 6.8 is hardly the end of the world?
If it keeps going where I suspect its going its a big problem. The media drifted after adjusting it last night from 6.1 to 6.8 in 12 hours. Requires an adjustment... The plants are telling me to change something. They ultimately decide for me haven't been looking their best the last couple days.
As far as the flower tent goes I ended up running into another issue. I wasn't getting the leech volume I should have been at 1 gallon in... It was flowing from the sides instead, but not much, like 40 ml from the whole gallon... Somehow the pot developed some kind of blockage in the bottom few inches? I continued to water into it slowly but steadily with a couple of more gallons of feed/enzyme, (1.8/5.9 just like the first gallon) at 6 liters... Thats now 10 liters total... something happened and drainage through the bottom few inches of media resumed with a vengeance...

After the first feeding before drainage was re-established I knew something was very wrong. The plant took a nosedive lol... Once I decided to continue she immediately began to look better... Right now, about an hour after she's once again looking great.

🤬 Interesting night... Lol Its over now. Both problem tents. The babies in the nursery put up no fuss the whole night...

Odd thing. I tested the EC/pH output at every interval. My input stayed consistent @ 1.8/5.9 the entire time... So did my output with matching readings until the last 2 liter push when the pH came up to 6.0... (lime I added a few weeks back... Don't start on that one, please lol) The plant didn't look stressed or sprint toward shock until I watered her at those same readings.... The usual amount, the usual way. I guess I'll go in with 6 liters from now on at feeding time.

Wtf! Lol 🤷‍♂️
The pH in the cups began to drift back up today. Not as severely as before but I made the decision to transplant regardless.

The root ball was mostly formed, enough to hold it all together but a bit early ... It went well, they look happy... I tested thoroughly before and during the transplant. Leech was consistent in all 5 pots. Right around
EC 1.0/ph 5.9 - 6.0

Forgot kelp again ffs. I think the friendlier media will make all the difference they need at the moment. I'll get the kelp going when they dry out next.
I culled a clone today. I'm well under my prescribed limit but I'm working in a tight space. I can only flower 6 plants, the widow and extra DGD are along for the ride. One had to go.

I Hit 29.8 C in the flower tent just now... Enough is enough. I moved the air intake to the basement side of the wall and turned on the T5's in the tent I had killed for heat reasons...

28 C and falling, even with the additional lights running.

Better pictures now.... No more bars anyway. Day 30. The tortured mother experiment continues.
Today humidity is the issue. Creeping up to 63% in the dark periods, it works itself down to about 56% while the lights are on. Week 5 I like it about 10% lower... I've disconnected the carbon filter and I'm running 500cfm through that tent... Its breathing from a dryer/cooler room... no tent has a humidifier anymore and all wastewater has been diligently collected as usual... Down to ambient rh/transpired rh... I'm not sure what else I can do short of running more power and generating more heat... I'm even running a little dehumidifier... Too little lol

This is the last time I flower through July/August. Lol
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I've got some rusty spotting starting along the veins in the leaves in the older growth. (No bottom or top here, the canopy is 3" thick) its calcium and its not even close to bad. Doesn't show in a picture yet.

My media is @ 6.1/6.2 and well flushed out at waterings... this is not a lock out situation. Simple deficiency, I added a bit of calmag to the mix and reduced the "Massive" additive by 25% to give me some room on the E.C. side.

I'll put it in the feeding program for early to mid bloom with the next crop.

Still working on humidity today...