Unknown High Grade Strain

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Welcome to my direy I promise you I’ll surprise these so call growers in my post writing nothing but insults they will see her grow and flowish like a queen just watch
Hey bro i really don't care about what your doing wrong or right cause it's your grow plus I'm on my first grow anyways so I'm no expert.But this is a link to the Merriam-Webster dictionary website, if you can't impress them with your growing impress them with your grammar lol https://www.merriam-webster.com/


Well did I say I was on here for years. People like yourself are what make the greats leave these sites.
@Anthem You hit it right on the head. I am FAR from one of the greats. But this is exactly why I wont post my journal here any more... Every single person on this site with the exception of one or two has been so helpful, kind, and I know they truly want the best for the community. However, this type of shitposting is toxic. It's toxic to newcomers looking for relief from some serious health issues. Its toxic for our predecessors, who work SO hard to document and log all of their data, so they can help others...

I can assure you, these veteran growers can just hang out, sit around and enjoy the fruits of their labor, and not write full page articles for newcomers on what lights to buy, or how bad you are over watering... This is all to help others fine tune PROVEN techniques that work in their garden... When I see my hard work getting buried by someone who is just throwing cheap shit they found at the flea market in their plants... I straight up do not want to be considered in the same category of growers as someone like this. The worst part, is when @Artist realizes he is wrong... He just doubles down. Shitpost after shit post of the same angle. Same shitty purple hue. Same dumb advice... This is the farthest thing from a winning formula I have ever seen.
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