What Is The Top Three Strongest Strains You Ever Smoked?

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Paul Simon

Paul Simon

Yeah, the new Kali gear is a laugh. Swami Organic seeds has a new Kali Mist x CherryBomb Lebanese that I am very interested in. Supposed to be an old school Kali Mist.


Top 3 strongest strains that I have smoked
Romulan (it literally destroyed me)
Chocolate Thai (amazing taste and potency) it had me trippin
A tie between 80s hash plant (smelt and tasted like fine imported
Hash) and rocked my world.
Last but not least my ATF "OG "


I think my number one would be some stuff that was sold as thai sticks...but did not come on sticks and was just huge fluffy brownish buds. A pinner got 4 people wrecked.

Jack herer from the early 2000s, was amazingly awesome and my favorite of my first Amsterdam trip. Jack seems to vary, these were way over on the Sativa side and just the perfect buzz for walking around the city.

My third would be a black domina x Durban I came across in boston in like 2005. They wanted like 700 or 800 a zip if I recall so I passed, but damn...a hit or two had me uncomfortable on the train ride home.

Have had amazing brick weed many times, will always have a special place in my heart, same with the local folks growing their mystery weed before we wised up to buying seed online or through magazines. Was just unique.


Sensi Seeds had real fire back in the day. Dont know what happened. That Super Skunk was just a killer strain. The right pheno had it all. Paradise Seeds had that killer nebula back then too. The Dutch got left behind in the genetics game years ago. The early ak47 and Kali Mist from Seriuos Seeds was straight hell fire too.


Ice Princess, Northern lights, white widow. This was all early 2000's, I think in general I was just way higher back then.


Top 3 huh...
1. Blue widow - smoke a bowl, and before you can walk to the couch your Damn near sleeping. When I tossed buds onto a tray, it sounded like coins hitting the tray! Ting ting! Super dense

2 White rhino - went to a buddies bachelor's party, ended up with a Damn migraine headache. Smoked a bunch of rhino cause of the pain, and I didn't want to leave a buddies party. Yeah I ended up with rubber legs, I looked like a deer or horse trying to walk the very first time lol! Ended up with no headache, unable to walk, drunk, an passed out. Haha it's better than lay in in bed for 2-3 days with the curtains closed, migraines suck!

Chernobyl - talk about RIPPED! My goodness, my girlfriend an I are both heavy smokers. We wouldn't even finish an entire bowl before we were toasted an put the pipe down. Of course my buddy won't give up any clones which sucks.
Jmaes Mabley

Jmaes Mabley

Vietnamese 1971.

Highland Oaxacan Mexican 1972

Late 80s early 90s x Female x Haze x NL#5 x Male Hashplant x Sk#1.

This is the best Modern stuff Ive smoked. Tasted like Nepali Temple Hash, and expanded in your lungs so much, that you knew you were going to cough every hit. Cops got all my seeds in 97. Ive not found anything yet to even equal it. The high lasted a good 4 hours. And it would drive your blood sugar into the ground if you hadnt eaten. Ive seen many get sick on it, and swear it wasn't marijuana, or was laced. It was head spin every toke. You also didn't want to drive, and smoke it, as it would make you lose your vision, if you took to big of a hit, and tried to hold it. + it would make you choke every hit...not good for driving.

But from memory from the early 70s, all the best weed from Mexico, Columbia you make your lungs pop, if you got some good fresh stuff.

The Oaxacan Mexican was probably the most Physical/Psychedelic stuff Ive ever smoked. I got Auditory Hallucinations from it.

Id pay $400 seeds and all. It was loaded. I can only imagine if it had been grown properly, how good it would have been. It was $50 a Quarter LB in 72. $20 for an Oz. $5 1/4 oz.

Nixon had all the fields Paraquated in the early 70s and destroyed many of the original Land Based Strains, that make up strains like Pure Haze ect. Highland Oaxacan was 1 they used to make Original Haze.

I also haven't grown Nevilles Haze nor Pure Haze.

Ive grown many strains.

Early 2000s AK47, C99, Ghost Train Haze #1. Reserva Pravida Kosher Kush, NL#5, Mr Nice SSH, Critical Mass, Critical Skunk, Barneys Farm REGULAR G13 x Haze, AK47 x NL#5, Willie Nelson Blueberry, Blue Moonshine Grape Krush. Mazar, Afghan #1 God Bud from 2006.... And many others.

The closest yet was the early 2000s AK47 x early 2000s Sensi NL#5. They were Home Made seeds.

Male NL#5 x Female AK47.

I didn't have control of it, and they lost it. In all honesty it probably consistently put out 25% THC, cant say CBD ect, but it was very trippy, yet is was also very physical, and many who smoked it got sick, because they hadn't eaten, and it would drive their blood sugar down.
Mr Bee

Mr Bee

Nepali og X goji f3
Sensi star
Skunk I got as a lad.one spliff between like 4 of us and I was wiped right out.


Shotgun, think I remember where ya got that from. One of the `nam movies showed some guys, out in the bush, using an unloaded shotgun and blowing a smoking joint down the barrel to his buddy, hence the term....."shotgun".
You're talkin about platoon. Good movie!


Gorilla Glue hands down. Last batch I grew was passing me out at half a joint. It's was amazing but like all good buds went to fast

Kosher Kush for #2. Taste and high are just perfect


prolly gota be all comercial strains. columbian red ( punta rojo),jamaician lambs bread , and an unknown mexi .
Neter Sentra

Neter Sentra

Heirjuana x lemon Thai
The old school sensi star
Dabs or tinctures done right.....
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