What seeds do you want at the farm?


GBS Genetics
Its been a year now since Chimera has dropped ne packs. When should we expect more?
I hope so, his gear is top notch!

I would like to see Mental Floss here again, I missed it the first time through.
I would also like to see C4 and White Indica?
is there any blueberry x grapefruit availbel anywhere on the net? everysite ive checked are sold out. this is a great plant. found and lost a winner. i need it back.
i agree with pinecreek, mix packs from a respected source such as you (Chimera!) would indeed fly off the shelves. il be joining the q


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S1 blueberry sativa, where is the real blueberry? Get with dj and bring it back.
I have to say that I would certainly go for a couple mix packs from chimera. I've loved every last strain that I have worked with from him and I like surprises so :D

Much Respect to ya Chimera! I voiced my opinion on IC in regards to your ban and found a ban the next am, but life rolls on, and I wish you nothing but God Speed My Friend!

Thank You for all your continued hard greenworks!