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  1. Choppr

    full MEGAcrop line review and fertilizer debate

    ...cut out Nitrogen completely, I am not part of this camp. I believe as long as your Plants are growing they need Nitrogen. keep at it my dude! If you have questions DM me. also if you/anyone are looking at Vivosun Equipt. use 1 time promo code "chopsgrow" 15% off. #vivosun #megacrop #marshydro
  2. Choppr

    Chops Grow, Pics, Perpetual Runs

    Update from Last Post - the DWC Autos starting to pre-flower, The Blue Octane is in her hungriest weeks 5/6, and the 3 other Photoperiods also just started to pre-flower - right-on #vivosun #marshydro #megacrop
  3. Choppr

    Nearly perfect environment STILL PROBLEMS please help

    ...will stop any uptake, so you will have cascading issues...these issues you are having are systemic, until you have control of your system these issues will continue. if you need help on your next run DM me - right on! #vivosun (15% off vivosun products promocode chopsgrow) #megacrop #marshydro
  4. Choppr

    Chops Grow, Pics, Perpetual Runs

    ...the "out of sequence photoperiod" start of wk 4 today (photo from the 25th) blue octane from @ImpulsiveGrower and some new starts....4 photoperiod (another 4 of my own F1's regs Happy Growin Guys! #megacrop #vivosun #marshydro - if you're shopping vivosun use promocode chopsgrow for 15% off
  5. Choppr

    Photo periods in bloom! Share your pics and advice.

    this girl is an "out of sequence" so she has a tent to herself, she was vegged big to 8 weeks, "Blue Octane" Strain - she's now coming into 3rd wk flower - she stretched about 15" and is now stacking fruits...right on! #megacrop #vivosun #Mars hydro

    My VGrow Smart Grow Box Growing Diaries

    VIVOSUN VGrow Smart Grow Cube *Prototype* Cannapot Kush Mints fem photo (Moira) Day# 15 from seed Coco with MC 3g/G Wow, those first two weeks went by quickly. Until two days ago, I haven't been able to 'connect' to the VGrow. I needed a new version of the app and would have to erase my current...

    My VGrow Smart Grow Box Growing Diaries

    VIVOSUN VGrow Smart Grow Cube Cannapot Kush Mints fem photo (Moira) Day# 2 from seed This will be my first Coco grow. I got a couple of bricks of coco and put them in a tote. Then I added 1 gallon of cal-mag solution @ 250ppm/5.8pH to rehydrate the coco. After a couple of hours, it was all...

    Let's do VGrow Presale Countdown!

    ✨ Guess VGrow's price on our website before the big reveal on 12/31. 👇Share your guess below! #vivosun #VGrow #presale

    My VGrow Smart Grow Box Growing Diaries

    ...LKABudMan (all media) for having this amazing growing diary of VGrow. 🪴 💚 Welcome! I'll be growing Cannapot Kush Mints in coco in the new VIVOSUN VGrow Smart Grow Box. Geared toward first-time growers with limited space, this revolutionary grow box is all about making your cultivation...
  10. Choppr

    First timer-hydroponics grow in cabinet

    If you buy Vivosun tents/equipment? try a 1 time code: chopsgrow i think its 15% off. its always good to have a back air pump (that's the only draw back in DWC,RDWC,F/D, is equipment failure or Power Loss) Right On! #vivosun

    Taking a Step Closer to Our VGrow!

    Even newbies can master indoor gardening with VGrow's smart all-in-one design. From seeds to harvest in its one streamlined system. See how simple it is in this video! 😍🪴 Get Your VGrow here: #vivosun #VGrow #smartgrowbox
  12. Choppr

    First timer-hydroponics grow in cabinet

    ...not dumping acids on your microbes) then I just add 1 ml straight out of the bottle to my 3 gal solution, I dont go thru the 1:20 mix. Haven't seen root rot in 6-7 years, no chillers and water temps are always around 70-71F. (pic is a current wk 8 auto flower "gummi bears" Atlas Seeds) #vivosun
  13. Choppr

    noob with small tent grow question?

    ...and plant more seeds, and your rotation will be every 6 weeks - I dont like the square tents they take too much floor space, I use the Vivosun 32 x 60 x 80 (i call it a 3 x 5) its a rectangle fits tighter to the wall. Ive had 6 plants stuffed in these tents....any questions you can PM me...

    Join the Halloween Grow Tent Decoration Contest | VIVOSUN Giveaway

    Get ready to give your VIVOSUN grow tent a spooktacular Halloween look and win BIG prizes! 🕸️🕷️👻 To enter 👇 : - Follow @VIVOSUN - Like this thread - Decorate your VIVOSUN grow tent with Halloween vibes. - Snap a pic and share it in the comment. - Tag 3 friends at the same time. ✨Prizes: One...

    How Should You Schedule Your Grow Lights?

    ...lights on constantly; it’s crucial to maintain a day-night cycle to provide your plants with the necessary rest. 💡🪴 While specific strains may have unique growing requirements, this video offers a quick guide for your reference. ✨☺️ #vivosun #growlights #aerolight #lightschedule #indoorgrowing

    How High Should You Hang Your Grow Lights?

    ...this concept using the AeroLight 100W as an example. We demonstrate the recommended hanging heights for different growth stages, providing you with a visual reference to help you determine the ideal distance for your setup. 💯👈🏻 **Numbers are only for reference. #vivosun #growlights...

    How to Clean the AeroLight Front Wind Guide

    Take a look at the instructional reel on how to clean the front wind guide on your AeroLight. Let us know if you have any questions. 😉🌞 #vivosun #aerolight #howtoclean

    Speak Out Your Opinions and Win Reward Points From VIVOSUN

    ...from the site. And for the best feedback that has been truly adopted, we'll give 4200 points! Exciting, right? Please stay tuned and keep sharing your perspectives with us! Know more about the reward points: #vivosun #lovewhatyougrow #growsetup #Growing
  19. N

    A Great little surprise from VIVOSUN | GIVEAWAY

    My favourite products that i have from vivosun are my grow twnt and my inline fans but This would be amazing #vivosun fans always would be nice in the tent never to many fans thanks to @VIVOSUN For this amazing giveaway best of luck to @WeedIsMySpinach @weed420420420420420 @WeEdMan77 best...
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