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    Cloning Using Aloe Gel

    When I moved to living soil and organic growing methods I also ditched all of the bottled cloning gels I had too. Yeah, aloe works really well. Better success rates and the cuts never got that tired look.... just kept on chugging away.
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    The Real Genetics Of Death Star

    Here’s a shot from some DS from last winters coco harvest. Now she’s growing in 225 gallon raised NT beds and all I can mumble is.... damn... Sorry it loaded all jacked....
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    How Can I Boost Cbd Levels?

    Not really looking to boost it ( at this point anyway) just get an idea of seeds that may end up being higher in it than others
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    Soil Or Dwc

    @centralcoast I’m with you on this one. @Aqua Man, sounds to me like you will do fine with whatever style of grow you go with. IMO... I have run all three over the years. Dwc, rdwc, coco and now organic soil in massive raised planters. Here is my take on each: DWC and RDWC work incredibly...
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    Besides This Site What Are Some Other Good Forums For Growing?

    IMO... you should figure out what style of grower you want to be. THC Farm- great hydro info Grass city- great organic/ living soil On EITHER of these, it won’t tkae long to figure out who the main contributors to you style are. Listen to the threads for awhile and form your own opinion of who...
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    Neem, Safer Soap, And Spinosad Combo

    You can also use pro tect silica combined with the neem oil. It helps to emulsify the neem oil and makes for a strong plant. I use 1 tbsp of each per gallon of water as IPM... spray during lights out!
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    Demontrichs Dungeon Of Trichs

    Heh heh!
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    Demontrichs Dungeon Of Trichs

    Excellent job my friend!
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    Fda Requesting Medical Cannabis Information

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    Red Stems & Pale New Growth

    Maybe bump up the nutes too. 1/4 strength that far into veg might leave them a little hungry
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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    Yeah, looks tasty! Way to rock the blend!
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    Chasing Unicorns ( Legendary Blue Orca Cuts And Other Heirlooms And Landrace Strains )

    Looking tasty! Is that blue orca? Or Bliss?
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    Split Main

    These did it on their own during early veg.
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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    I am dying to add some to my stable! Have yet to play with them... so many choices, makes my head spin!
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    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    April is upon us!! Any rumblings about 420 deals on Bodhi gear? New drop perhaps...? :)