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The Looming Crisis in California's Marijuana Industry

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California's cannabis industry may be on the brink of a catastrophic collapse, with marijuana dispensaries facing closure due to unpaid taxes and...

Leipzig University Researchers Unlock Efficient Synthesis of Key Cannabis Compound

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A team of scientists at Leipzig University has pioneered a novel technique for creating cis-tetrahydrocannabinol (cis-THC)—a natural compound...

Thailand's Political Landscape and the Uncertain Future of Cannabis Legislation

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In a surprising turn of events, Thai voters have shown their support for the reform-driven opposition party, whose victory could lead to the...

Minnesota Legislature Nears Vote on Legalizing Recreational Cannabis

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Minnesota legislators have reached a final agreement on a bill to legalize recreational cannabis for adults aged 21 and older, paving the way for...

Cannabis Legalization Stalls as New Hampshire Senate Votes Against Bill

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On Thursday, the New Hampshire state Senate rejected a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana, with senators from both parties expressing...

Thai PM Contender Turns Heads: Voting Boldly in Marijuana-Print Shirt

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Thailand's Health Minister and cannabis supporter, Anutin Charnvirakul, caught attention during Sunday's election as he wore a dark shirt adorned...

The UN's Bold Stand: Urging Nations to Halt the Cannabis Legalization Wave

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The United Nations (UN) asserts that the United States is not adhering to an international drug treaty as it permits individual states to legalize...

Hundreds of Licenses for Cannabis Cultivation are Being Revoked in California

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Hundreds of cannabis farms in California have stopped operating in the legal market in the past month. Furthermore, it appears the sector is...

Cannabis Breeding and Parkinson's Disease: Christopher Lynch Sheds Light on his Journey to Finding Relief

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Among the most famous cannabis breeders in the world is Christopher Lynch. He's acquired quite a name for himself with his impressive selection...

Could Zurich's Trial Scheme Lead to Wider Cannabis Reform Across Europe?

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Zurich plans to launch a trial program for consumption and sale of cannabis this summer, which has been approved by the Swiss government. To...

Remembering Raphael Mechoulam: The Pioneer of Cannabis Research

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Raphael Mechoulam, an Israeli chemist who discovered the structure and function of cannabis' key compounds, died on March 9 at his Jerusalem home...

CBD Regulations: The Battle between Industry and Regulators Continues

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Washington, D.C. legislators are working to clear the air (and plates) about CBD and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. CBD, hemp-derived...

What the Brazil Court's Ruling on Cannabis Could Mean for Latin America

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After legislative efforts stalled in recent years, a Brazilian appeals court has agreed to rule on whether companies and farmers can plant...

From Taboo to Thriving Business: The Rise of Cannabis Cultivation in Zimbabwe

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Over 40 tonnes of industrial hemp were produced last year, with about five tonnes exported to Switzerland. In 2020, there were 21 players...

Spannabis: The World's Largest Cannabis Expo Takes the Pulse of the Industry

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As part of the famed conference Spannabis in Barcelona, Spain, the international cannabis industry is on display. The trade show welcomed both...

High Times in LA: A Journey Through the City's Most Luxurious Cannabis Boutiques

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Our glamorous host enquires, "Do you know what terpenes are?" pointing to four glass domes, each containing mysterious lumps of black rock...

Virginia's Cannabis Market Stalled As Governor Signs Bill To Delay Adult-Use Sales

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The recreational marijuana industry in Virginia is on hold indefinitely. It has been effectively scrapped less than two years after the state...

Thai Cannabis Debate Stalls as Lawmakers Clash Over Regulatory Details

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There is a division among lawmakers, with some arguing the bill wouldn't prohibit recreational cannabis use, and others demanding the plant be...
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