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North Carolina Closer To Legalizing Medical Marijuana After Senate Panel Approves Bill

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On Tuesday, a North Carolina legislative committee approved a bill legalizing medical marijuana. According to media reports, the North Carolina...

California's Cannabis Industry Is On The Brink Of Collapse: What Can Be Done?

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It is one of the best places in the world to grow cannabis in Mendocino County. In the valleys of the county, moist air from the Pacific creates...

Jamaica Goes Green: The Launch Of Bob Marley's Cannabis Store

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Bob Marley, one of the best known users of cannabis in the United States, has opened a store selling medicinal products derived from what he often...

Colombia's Cannabis Industry Booms As Exports Increase Dramatically

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Colombia announced last month that its cannabis exports increased 96% between November 2022 and January 2023. In total, 13 companies from five...

The Cannabis Boom In Lesotho: Unfulfilled Promises And Lingering Problems

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It grows in sloping landscapes that in winter resemble the black of donkeys that traverse them in north-western Lesotho, in hard-to-access ravines...

Chuck Schumer's Historic Meeting With GOP Senators To Discuss Marijuana Legalization

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On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) convened a group of Republican senators to discuss next steps for crafting a passable...

Amsterdam's Bold Move: Cannabis Smoking Banned In Red Light District

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As of mid-May, Amsterdam's famous red-light district will become a smoke-free zone for cannabis enthusiasts. The city council has announced that...

How The Oregon Cannabis Industry Is Struggling To Survive In A Weak Economy

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According to a new report released by state regulators, Oregon's recreational cannabis market is in its "weakest" economic position since 2016...

California Moves Forward To Allow Cannabis Dispensaries To Serve Food And Beverages

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Earlier this week, a California legislator introduced a bill that would allow cannabis dispensaries to offer food and consumption lounges to host...

The New York Weed Real Estate Experiment: A Look Inside the Struggle

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When Roland Conner was arrested for marijuana in the 1990s, he never imagined where he would be today: the owner of a cannabis dispensary in...

Californian Cannabis Flooding The UK: Heathrow Seizures Increase Dramatically

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Cannabis legalisation in some US states is blamed for a surge in smuggling of the drug in Britain, with users clamoring to buy marijuana grown in...

Maryland Gets Ready To Legalize Cannabis Sales

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On Friday, lawmakers unveiled a bill to tax and regulate marijuana, months after voters approved a referendum legalizing it. The House...

Tilray Drops $4 Billion Sales Target Amidst Cannabis Industry Turmoil

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Analysts now predict Tilray Brands will fall well short of its revenue target of $4 billion (5.3 billion Canadian dollars) by 2024. As a result...

How Hong Kong's CBD Ban Is Impacting Businesses And Consumers

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Cannabidiol (CBD), a derivative of cannabis, was banned in Hong Kong on Wednesday (Feb 1), forcing fledgling businesses to close. Unlike its more...

A Look Inside Thailand's First Cookies Dispensary

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With the opening of the first dispensary in Asia, Cookies has joined Thailand's blossoming cannabis industry. Among Thailand's forward-thinking...

Mississippi Launches Medical Cannabis Sales: What You Need To Know

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On Jan. 25, a few Mississippi dispensaries were ready to welcome customers. Melvin C. Robinson, Mississippi Trade Association Executive Director...

Argentina's Cannabis Industry Gets A Boost With The Launch Of New Agency

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A new government agency was launched on Wednesday to boost the country's medical marijuana and hemp industries. Reuters reports that the agency...

Celebrities & Cannabis: Can Star Power Really Make A Difference?

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With high-profile product launches and collaborations, celebrities like Jay-Z and Justin Bieber are trying to make their mark on the cannabis...
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