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Chewing Gum Billionaire Beau Wrigley To Take Cannabis Company Public Through SPAC Deal

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William “Beau” Wrigley Jr. is taking his cannabis company Parallel public on a Canadian exchange by merging with a company backed by music...

New Jersey Legalizes Cannabis After Years Of Failed Efforts

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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy finally delivered on a 2017 campaign promise when he signed legislation Monday that legalizes cannabis for adults...

Cannabis And National Decriminalization: The Story So Far

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Cannabis legalization or decriminalization (we'll get to the difference in a bit) is one of several issues set to test Democrats' slim majority in...

North Dakota Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill In Committee

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A bill to legalize marijuana in North Dakota that’s being sponsored by a Republican lawmaker who personally opposes the policy change advanced...

Former NBA Star Chris Webber Launches $100 Million Cannabis Fund

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Former NBA All-Star Chris Webber has teamed up cannabis investor Jason Wild, the founder of New York based investment firm JW Asset Management, to...

Can Medical Cannabis Save The Barbados Economy?

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Over a year after the passage of Barbados’ Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act, the Caribbean island nation officially opened for business last month...

Brewing Buds: Big Beer corporations enter the cannabis industry

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The rising tide of legal cannabis commerce is finally attracting the attention of so-called “Big Beer” corporations, and with good reason. Over...

The Cannabis Water Report

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How much water does a cannabis operation use? It’s a straightforward question but getting at the answer isn’t. That would require data, and data...

Sales Of Cannabis Concentrates Shot Up More Than 40%

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Sales of marijuana concentrates shot up more than 40% last year and accounted for a larger share of the overall cannabis market, as consumers...

Bill Allowing Homegrown Cannabis Gains Momentum In Washington

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Eight years ago, Washington staked a claim as the first state, along with Colorado, to legalize recreational marijuana use. More than a dozen...

Virginia Set to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

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Adult-use cannabis could soon be legal in Virginia. Both chambers of Virginia’s legislature passed separate bills on Friday that would legalize...

Jazz Pharmaceuticals in $7.2 billion deal for GW Pharmaceuticals

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Jazz Pharmaceuticals has agreed to acquire GW Pharmaceuticals, maker of the first drug derived from the cannabis plant to win approval in the...

Cannabis Regulatory Update: Kansas, Virginia, New Mexico

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Kansas Governor Pushes For Medical Marijuana Legalization Kansas Governor, Laura Kelly says the state is ready for medical marijuana legalization...

Lawmakers Reintroduce Recreational Cannabis Legislation At Minnesota Capitol

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On Monday, House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler and other Democrat lawmakers reintroduced recreational adult-use cannabis legislation that addresses...

5 Ways Medical Cannabis Can Help People With Diabetes

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Type I diabetes can be an inherited disease. But Type 2 diabetes is a preventable chronic disease, with lifestyle changes including balanced...

Can Green Energy Power the Cannabis Boom?

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Last week’s newsletter was about the need to stop burning things, but there’s at least one area where I know that this advice is a lost cause...

10 Best Places To Start A Cannabis Business in the U.S.

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Starting a cannabis business in the US takes a lot of planning, effort, and patience. However, it’s doable if you choose the best US state for...

Wine and Cannabis, Tannins and Terpenes

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Wine and cannabis have been enjoyed by people around the world for thousands of years, even in periods when both were illegal — both still are in...
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