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Indian police blame rats for eating 500 kilograms of stored cannabis

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In northern India, hundreds of kg of cannabis that were confiscated from drug dealers and kept in police facilities are allegedly being eaten by...

Thailand's Cannabis Industry Clouded as Legal Threats Emerge

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Months after Thailand became the first Asian country to decriminalize cannabis, weed-related businesses are already changing its cityscapes...

UK Government Blocks Bermuda From Legalizing Marijuana

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The United Kingdom has a new leader. And one of the government’s first acts under Prime Minister Liz Truss was to refuse to give formal permission...

Brazil Court Approves Home Grown Cannabis For Medical Use

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A top court in Brazil on Tuesday authorized three patients to grow cannabis for medical treatment, a decision that is likely to be applied...

President’s Son Suggests Cannabis Legalization in Nicaragua

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If this were the 1980s, an attack and then parry in response between two countries in Central America—specifically Nicaragua and Honduras—would be...

The Battle for Cannabis Legalization Is On in Honduras

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According to Salvador Nasralla, known locally as El señor de la television, legalizing cannabis would create at least 17,000 jobs in Honduras and...

Could Germany take over as Europe’s cannabis capital?

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On Wednesday, the new “traffic light" coalition presented their plans for Germany. Under the motto “Dare to make progress", the parties presented...

Mexico’s Adult Use Cannabis Market Is Facing More Hold Ups

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Mexico Is Trying To Legalize The Sale Of Cannabis In September Even though cannabis legalization seems close in Mexico it seems it is still a...

Cannabis-Growing Gathers Momentum in Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe recently scrapped rules requiring sole state ownership for cannabis farming to encourage investment in the plant for industrial and...

Cannabis Originated In China, Genetic Analysis Reveals

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Marijuana users have had many occasions to wonder where their much-beloved — yet much maligned — cannabis plant came from. They need wonder no...

7.2 Million Cannabis Plants Seized in Turkey’s Diyarbakır

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Turkish security forces have confiscated nearly 7.2 million cannabis plants, enough to produce 168 tons of powdered marijuana, in the southeastern...

Hong Kong Police Bust Largest Indoor Cannabis Farm In A Decade

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Police have raided the largest indoor marijuana farm found in Hong Kong in a decade, seizing HK$45 million (180 million baht) worth of cannabis...

The Medical Cannabis Market Grew 30% In Italy In 2020

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New official data sheds light on the medical cannabis market in Italy, which is the second largest such market in Europe. Despite the challenges...

Himachal to legalize cannabis cultivation to boost economy

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Himachal Pradesh hopes to earn ₹18,000 crore annually by undertaking the controlled cultivation of cannabis to ease its debt burden that has grown...

The making of France's first cannabis wine

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A young entrepreneur has launched France's first wine infused with a cannabis extract in the heart of the Bordeaux wine-growing region, hoping to...

Japan's Cannabis Policy Is Moving In The Wrong Direction

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In virtually every corner of Earth the cannabis reform movement is making strides. Sure, only 2 countries have legalized cannabis for adult use...

Can Medical Cannabis Save The Barbados Economy?

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Over a year after the passage of Barbados’ Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act, the Caribbean island nation officially opened for business last month...

2 Years After Legalizing Cannabis, Has Canada Kept Its Promises?

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When Robert was 18, he was arrested by Montreal’s police for possession of a small amount of hashish, an event that would upend his young life...
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