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Thailand Takes a Stance: Recreational Cannabis Soon Off-Limits

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Thailand’s Public Health Minister, Cholnan Srikaew, has announced a revised version of the Cannabis & Hemp Control Bill, which is scheduled to be...

The Ascent of Israel as a Leading Force in Medical Marijuana

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Israel has widely been acknowledged as a leading pioneer in the cannabis industry's research and development. The nation has emerged as a...

Thailand Proposes Recreational Cannabis Prohibition, Impacting Budding Industry

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The Thai government has proposed a new Bill that seeks to end the legal vacuum created after the country became the first in Asia to decriminalise...

Barcelona's Authorities Consider Closure of Cannabis Social Clubs

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Barcelona's status as a prime hotspot for cannabis aficionados might be in jeopardy as the City Council deliberates on stricter measures governing...

Colombia's Cannabis Industry: Sinking Under Regulatory and Political Obstacles

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Colombia's legal marijuana industry, once seen as a promising investment opportunity, is facing significant challenges. Despite being one of the...

Netherlands Embarks on Trial with Aim of Full Cannabis Legalization

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For the first time in history, authorities in two Dutch cities have initiated a trial allowing cannabis users to smoke legally, potentially...

Medicinal Cannabis: The Next Frontier for Japanese Healthcare Legislation

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On Tuesday, the Lower House of Japan passed a bill legalizing medical cannabis products while also strengthening the prohibition on other...

Germany is about to legalise cannabis. What does it mean for startups?

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German lawmakers are debating a landmark new law on Wednesday that could see the country become only the second in the EU to legalise cannabis for...

Canada’s Cannabis Experiment 5 Years On

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Non-medical cannabis use was legalized in Canada in October 2018. Has the change been a success, disaster or something in between? The goals of...

Thailand to Restrict Cannabis Use, New Prime Minister Says, After Decriminalization Last Year

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Thailand’s new prime minister vowed to restrict the use of marijuana for medical purposes after thousands of weed shops opened across the country...

German Cabinet approves liberalization of cannabis possession

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Germany's cabinet voted through plans Wednesday to legalize possession of cannabis as well as community cultivation clubs to serve local...

Medical Cannabis Milestone: Costa Rica's First License

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A little over a year since Costa Rica legalized hemp and medical cannabis, the country's Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Victor Carvajal...

Thailand's Political Landscape and the Uncertain Future of Cannabis Legislation

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In a surprising turn of events, Thai voters have shown their support for the reform-driven opposition party, whose victory could lead to the...

Thai PM Contender Turns Heads: Voting Boldly in Marijuana-Print Shirt

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Thailand's Health Minister and cannabis supporter, Anutin Charnvirakul, caught attention during Sunday's election as he wore a dark shirt adorned...

Could Zurich's Trial Scheme Lead to Wider Cannabis Reform Across Europe?

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Zurich plans to launch a trial program for consumption and sale of cannabis this summer, which has been approved by the Swiss government. To...

What the Brazil Court's Ruling on Cannabis Could Mean for Latin America

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After legislative efforts stalled in recent years, a Brazilian appeals court has agreed to rule on whether companies and farmers can plant...

From Taboo to Thriving Business: The Rise of Cannabis Cultivation in Zimbabwe

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Over 40 tonnes of industrial hemp were produced last year, with about five tonnes exported to Switzerland. In 2020, there were 21 players...

Spannabis: The World's Largest Cannabis Expo Takes the Pulse of the Industry

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As part of the famed conference Spannabis in Barcelona, Spain, the international cannabis industry is on display. The trade show welcomed both...
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