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Cuomo’s Cannabis Bill Locks Out Farmers and Preserves Illegal Market in New York

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As a state government ends the prohibition of cannabis, it can choose to regulate so as to create an industry that favors industrially produced...

Aurora Cannabis Cuts 500 Jobs as CEO Terry Booth Steps Down

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Convinced that Canada could surf a wave of global cannabis legalization, Terry Booth built Aurora Cannabis into one of the world’s most highly...

Cannabis Coffee: Indonesia's Sharia Stronghold Sidesteps Drug Ban

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Agus plunges a wooden paddle into his coffee and marijuana-filled wok, taking care to roast just the right mix of ingredients -- and stay one step...

Axe continues to fall in cannabis industry as Tilray lays off 10% of staff

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Licensed producer Tilray Inc. announced late Tuesday afternoon that it will be laying off 10 per cent of its staff, in an effort to cut costs...

Okanagan’s first government-run cannabis store opens in Penticton

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Behind frosted and tinted windows, the Okanagan's first government-run BC Cannabis Store opened in Penticton, with little fanfare. The store is...

Cura Cannabis will pay record penalty for ‘dishonest conduct,’ misrepresenting vapes

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Oregon’s biggest marijuana company will pay a record $110,000 penalty to settle state allegations that it mislabeled its Select brand of vaping...

Cannabis Varieties and the Case for Genetic Standards

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What’s in a Name? A 2017 review of dried flower cannabis material for sale online in a set of North American jurisdictions (Toronto, Vancouver...

A Deep Look at the Science Behind Concentrates

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Cannabis concentrates have become quite popular over the last couple of years. They are commonly used for their potent and high-intensity...

Whoopi Goldberg Closes Her Marijuana Company

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Whoopi Goldberg and her business partner, Maya Elisabeth, are shutting down their marijuana company, Whoopi & Maya, after three years in the...

‘Everybody’s friendly, everybody’s high’: Marijuana tour buses begin rolling in Chicago

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For her birthday, one of Mary Biekert’s daughters asked for something she’d never gotten before: a marijuana tour of Chicago. So there was...

A Certified Organic Labeling Program Is Coming To Cannabis In 2020

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Do you know what’s in your weed? For the majority of cannabis consumers, the answer is a resounding no—despite claims from dispensaries...

Bernie Sanders Pledges Legal Marijuana In All 50 States On Day One As President

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With just two days to go before the Iowa caucus, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is pledging to immediately legalize marijuana in all 50 states if he...

Colorado unveils plan to help bring banking to state’s cannabis industry

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With federal banking still out of reach, Gov. Jared Polis unveiled new strategies Monday to entice Colorado banks, credit unions and money...

New cannabis compound could get you 30 times higher than THC

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Tired of your same ol’ Mary Jane? Italian scientists have discovered a new cannabis compound that could be as much as 30 times stronger than...

What Is CBN? Meet The Up-And-Coming Cannabinoid

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At this point, most people walking into a cannabis store have a basic understanding of the two big cannabinoids: THC and CBD — the former gets you...

Colorado hopes to make cannabis industry more eco-friendly by recycling breweries’ carbon dioxide

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In an effort to make Colorado’s cannabis industry more eco-friendly, the state’s health department and energy office launched two new pilot...

Oregon Grew Record Amounts of Cannabis in 2019 But Wholesale Prices Spiked Anyway

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In its annual report on recreational cannabis released earlier this month, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission highlighted a surprising paradox...

CEO of cannabis retailer MedMen steps down

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The CEO of MedMen Enterprises (MMNFF) will not see the struggling cannabis retailer through its restructuring. Adam Bierman, who co-founded the...
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