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Nepal Looks to Legalize Marijuana

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One of the highest countries in the world is seeing a new effort to legalize marijuana. Nepal, located 2,565 meters above sea level, has seen a...

Lebanon set to legalise medical, industrial cannabis cultivation

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Lebanon's parliament is set to vote on a law that would legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medical and industrial use in an effort to boost...

Spannabis 2020 Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

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Leading European marijuana business conference Spannabis Barcelona was postponed less than 48 hours before the planned start of the event. The...

How the English Found Cannabis In The 17th Century

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In the 17th century, English travelers, merchants, and physicians were first introduced to cannabis, particularly in the form of bhang, an...

Cannabis company cuts 500 jobs in B.C. with closure of 2 greenhouses

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Canopy Growth says slow development of Canada's cannabis industry created profitability challenges Around 500 employees of a major cannabis...

Malawi Parliament passes cannabis bill

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Parliament has passed the Cannabis Regulation Bill which allows the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal benefits. Agriculture Minister Kondwani...

Amsterdam could ban tourists from buying cannabis

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Femke Halsema, the mayor of Amsterdam, is understood to be investigating measures to deter tourists from overcrowding the canal-side streets of...

People want cheap weed, and Aurora Cannabis is paying the price

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Market share for pot costing less than C$9 a gram has grown from 2% to 17% since the summer, and pace is expected to continue Canadians want...

Exporting irradiated medical cannabis to Germany

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By now, everyone knows that to export medical cannabis to Germany, which is by far the largest importer of medical cannabis flower in the world...

The Netherlands introduces new medical cannabis varieties for patients

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New varieties of medical cannabis will be sold to the Netherlands Government which could see more patients buying their medicine in pharmacies...

Returned product a hidden challenge for cannabis companies

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Soon after cannabis products started flying off shelves following legalization, Canopy Growth Corp. had a $26.9 million problem. The Smiths...

Will European Medical Cannabis Shift From Flowers To Oils?

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European medical cannabis will shift from capricious flowers to quality oils as patients seek consistent and reliable medicines. Some...
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