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I'm Seriously Speechless!:confused0054: Stellar looking Grow one of the nicest I've ever sean! Great work filling in those trellises! You most certainly Nailed it. Cant wait to see the frosty buds Filling your Room!

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In case you cant see I am giving you a standing ovation all the way from the deep south!


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Takes alot of skill and time, major props to ya!




Ok so when I said I flipped I lied. They got an inital 2-3 days of veg due to a timer malfunction. It wasn't seeded in the slot and wasn't running. I guess I should've been more careful when adjusting the timers.. Oh well, I guess a little extra veg never hurt anyone..

One of my concerns was filling in that canopy. I was a little nervous as one of the rows was a little smaller then the other 2 rows. The screen is 2" shorter then the other 2 rows. They seem to be filling in nicely. Stems are starting to get hardy and I'm expecting to see buds in no time.

I havn't been running Zone, and i'm dealing with an algae problem in my res. (still havn't covered it).. I see absolutely no harm.. Gonna pick up some Zone asap but havn't ran it in 1.5 weeks with no issues. Temps are @ 65-66.

PPM's and PH are stable as ever. They're drinking about 75 gallons a day so far, the drinking has been picking up lately. I top off with a little higher PPM solution to keep the systems PPM stable. They love to suck up the food, therefore my PH will rise as PPM's drop.

Epic-centers are @ 950 ppm 5.9 ph.
Top-off res is @ 1100 PPM 5.2 ph
in case anyone was wondering

Hopefully the buds take place and start swelling. The GreenCush/GreenCrack is a fast flowering sativa, so hopefully we see some rapid cola-madness here shortly.


If you already have the algae then save your money on all that Zone you will use.. it will do nothing to the algae. Everything looks fucking AMAZING and just keep plugging forward..


Hey Jimmy. The green algae is in the TOP-OFF res. I believe because its white. I'm going to drain/scrub clean that RES and figure a way of covering it. No algae in the UC's what so ever, and smells and looks clean..knock on wood.

I guess I should look more into what this Green Algae can do to my systems and my potential harvest. The DM Zone is to keep everything in the UC's sterile. The top off res is getting worst and starting to really concern/bother me.

Thanks everyone and any other input regarding this nasty algae?


Just do the clean on it and cover it with panda film so light don't shine inn cause that white leaks a ton of light and you should be all good ounce its covered , but should try to do asap don't want to take a chance with something like that for 10 bucks worth of panda film cause algae will spread


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Oh boy... Everything looks perfect in here... Excellent work UNVME! Just wondering if you're running Zone in your top off res? :wondering


Yes sir shady, using Zone in the top-off res but havn't for the past week+.

Going to drain and clean the top-off res with the green algae.. Honestly I havnt noticed ANYTHING in the buckets, but everytime I seen that green algae it gives me anxiety just looking at it.

Going to start trimming them up within the next 2-3 days.

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