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If you do that, oversize the pump so you don't slow down the flow though the chiller. Most chillers have a minimum flow rate that must be maintained otherwise they will freeze up. Long runs through a manifold and down to 1/2" or 3/8" through a coil will limit/slowdown the output coming out of the chiller.

My chiller has a 1" input/output and must maintain a minimum of 500GPH.

Chillers themselves add ~6ft of head, so take that in to account when sizing the pump and running lines.


HEy things look sick. However i was gonna comment on the trim pro. If you want quality dont use a trim machine it murders your flower. A grim reaper or something is good for just taking off the big leaves but for final trim its needs some TLC. Plus its really really loud. Just my 2cents.


Wow ....thats all I can say...wait no....WHERES AN UPDATE BRO????Your looking way to clean and efficient, knock that off, your making all of us amateurs really mad and jealous....damn you guys can kill it, keep it growin UNVME!!!
I saw some Green Crack mommies recently and thought about maybe taking a chance on them, how fast do they finish? I have a friends house that we need to fill up quickly(4 total rooms, smallest 8x12, largest 12x20), and a quick finisher would be ideal to get rolling!!!!


Ditto mayne I need my crack....green crack that is hhehehe :)

I bet your shits jumped up since last post!! props again


Thanks for all the nice compliments!
Room dimensions about 20x26
I've heard of GreenC being a fast finisher. I've seen her at Day 42, 46, 49, and 56, and maybe 63 soon. I will probably take her when I feel she is finished/ready. She really gets extremely cracked-out in the later days, and I think the extra time is a must to really get her to her full potential. I like the fact I can chop early and have some amazing day-time smoke, though.. Around 47 she is just some super potent, giggly, up-lifting high.. Take her to 56+, and you'll be more couch lock then any OG you've ever smoked. (In my personal opinion). I hope to take her to ATLEAST 50.. all depends though.

They are gaining lots of weight and are starting to need some additional support... Any ideas??


Chillin' in the Shade...
Ahh, now that's a lovely sight! Hope we can see some lights out close-ups on your next update... Based on your previous runs in diff mediums, is she doing equal or better so far in the UC? :wondering


Hey UnV, may I have one roll pls!? Just one roll!! Lol damn near perfect
Support? I give u support when u ready .... Nice bro !


UNVME.....currently YES I DO!!!!!!
Damn I think I should go get those GC moms for 1 of our patients....those look tasty and he'll like the fast finish, maybe I'll throw some in just for the hell of it!!!
Looking sweet UNVME!!!!


they are really starting to pack on the weight now. keep those PPMs up for the next 10 days or so then start your flush. they are just going to continue to swell up even tho they are showing those orange hairs already. i hope you've been doing little hand exercises because you're going to have a shitton of trimming to do very soon here.


im so pissed right now that this is the first time ive laid eyes on this grow

damn man the setup is super fuckin clean and things seem to be developing extremely fast

great work

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