Dark Purple Disease Affecting New Growth?

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Plan A

As you can see, the process is reversible.
Plan A works in preventive and curative.
I use it with BTK every 7 to 10 day now.

( French Canadian in Quebec.. )


Plan A
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Jmaes Mabley

Jmaes Mabley

Sometimes they come out of it. I wouldn't get to excited about the cure.

Science says so far, there is No Cure for Phytoplasma disease. Though some do grow out of it.


Sometimes they come out of it. I wouldn't get to excited about the cure.

Science says so far, there is No Cure for Phytoplasma disease. Though some do grow out of it.
I have plenty of plants in my bud garden growing out of it. actually the majority this year. I don't believe there is much of a cure other than keeping the plant healthy/happy for any chance. The earlier budding plants seem to do the best at growing out of it. Once they start making thc/crystal the purple goes away unless the purple it smothering it out more or less.


So I found purple in one stalk of my outdoor grow and just assumed it was from cold, its been down to 9 C a couple nights. Then after some reading I find out I have the dreaded purple phytoplasma. I was going to cut off that entire stalk and see if the spread will stop. If I don't notice any purple in any of the buds or leaves do you guys think that it would be safe to smoke from buds that were not on the infected stalk or should I just chop the entire plant to be safe?
Growing Bruce Banner in Ottawa in pro mix soil mixed with perlite. They have been watered and fed liquid nutrients all season. I do have a leafhopper problem though and they have had powdery mildew problems off and on, I got them as clones with powdery mildew already and our summer has been very humid and hot. View attachment 893145 View attachment 893146
I have been trying to find a solid answer to that but the internet seems shockingly split on this with some saying the purple makes the bud taste awful and other say if you see purple chop the whole plant down and bury or burn it. I want to be safe and not spread but I also dont want to kill an otherwise healthy plant.
I had one as well I cut the top and let it go. Sprayed with a fungicide and controlled the leave hoppers grew fine and flowered perfect

Plan A

Plan A est la solution, essayez-le ou laissez-le essayer. Essayez de parler, essayez, ça marche, regardez mon premier résultat

Plan A

Plan A

Blue Kush Berry, elle revient très bien !! Regardez autour de vous c'est propre! Plan préventif et curatif, la seule solution 100% naturelle. Before cutting all plant try Plan A !


I assume you cleared this product flogging with the Admin? Also you didnt answer my first question, what is it? Nobody is going to buy anything without knowing what's in it.
Jmaes Mabley

Jmaes Mabley

Im not convinced the purple on his plants, is the same malady. His may just be genetic. Looks a more pretty purple vs what ends up turning black. I also see no really deformed leaves. And the White on the leaf, is just a variegation.

Photos ect, can be very hard to tell, unless its obvious.

Plan A


Plan A is naturally composed by a passionate farmer patient.
More than half of these ingredients are edible but do not eat it!
I formulated Plan A to have the widest possible range of action and it works.
My first goal is the Botritys Cinerea.Observe this video at the 27:00 minute.

We have the same problem and I have a solution.
I do not know what's in Coca-Cola but I drink it. Plan A.
The leaves that twist this only happen after a particular stage.
And i fix it to...

Plan A

And now our hold friends... Botrytis done!


I don't want a be out of the rules off this website.
If it's the case i'm sorry. If it's ok you know now a guy have a product in Quebec for follow the Plan A. I build this natural product for me first.
I will use it all my life and never give my recipe.
The process take over 10 days !

Get ready for Croptober if you still have somethink..lol.


Plan A

Plan A

This is a clean Pink kush

And a clean ayahuaska purple ( barney's)

And that represents hope!
( When i use Plan A, with that disease the black disapears then comes purple and finally green! )


Yes my friends i do it !

Plam A
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