Dudded, Stunted, and Runted plants...

I can spot BM's with a quality loupe, easily discernible with a 60-100x. Maybe my eyes are just like superman vision, I don't know.

How did you identify them if you couldn't see them with a 60-100x scope?

My eyes are old, my friend. I could spot the eggs, however, I've also been fighting whiteflies. So I figured it was whitefly eggs. The symptoms I have exactly match a broadmite infestation as well. Distorted new growth and a slew of symptoms that look like nutrient deficiencies. I also bought a new 40x-800-x microscope and could spot them then. Also a friend on another forum pm's me and told me about some clones I got from a mutual friend about 3 years ago and that he shortly after that discovered he had broadmites. The math is right. I've cleaned out my veg and flower rooms and spray with Green Cleaner by Old Stage, Avid and Forbid. They're still here, but I feel I have the upper hand now. They are not in the flower room
I just wanna say my part, been battling most of what I'm hearing here, at 1st thought it was BM's but never seen anything 800 $ compound scope chems Bennie's u name it, positive neg gram stain no broads or bugs ever! I've personally identified 2 secondary molds eppiccocum nigrum and alternaria for sure. Also many others but not as consistently. However there is a root rot that I can not identify for the life of me, 3 years of dealing with this! Scoped religiously for 2. Seeds will rot as soon as I plant them every time! 1000's of em with over 5 fungicides all but 1 are systematics. Hard nasty chems that if I get 1 drop on me skin my pupils are huge for hrs, no fun. Its very hard to tell if its doing anything, clorothalonal (contact) is helping fight 2nd dairies. But root rot dosnt seem to be affected? Purple stems is always abundant, there's many ways they show, thick dense foilage at tops, stunted odd green color loses all the shine(opp of what some have said)? Wilting odd smells sometimes, cal\mag def, mostly Cal. When it's really bad they can go weeks without drying out(soil). Also they really show problems around 2_4 wks flower. Short indica plants are the 1st to dud if there gonna. Nasty colored hairs, if any.they completely stop growth, and may bunch up(thick dense tops). They can't handle light intensity at all, I've had plants 5 ft away still wilted or bleached. There's much more but it all stems from the root rot and secondaries witch are always around us.
Now I'm not saying this is every1s prob. But I wouldnt doubt it be many. As well as possibly a virus mixed in.
I just reread this and from what I'm seeing my disleexia got the better of me, lol sorry. But u get the idea,new tag but been on here since raskal was selling ogkfx bk all time favorite by the way.
I am dealing with exactly every symptom you just mentioned, any luck getting them to bounce back?
Here is my experience with gg4 dudding.
First off thanks to MYCO for blessing me with it over 2yrs ago! Wassup brother!
Ran great for a year straight, no problems. Then one or two I thought I mislabeled from a sour diesel. It yielded great, great bag appeal, very light "diesel" smell, but no taste, no gorilla terps at all. Myco texted me asking about dud probs and I was like no duds here, lol. Next crop more affected. I was losing my mind thinking I mislabeled. I started to read this thread and figured it out.
Signs of dudding.
1.horizontal growth
2. Snapping of stems in veg, if you cant bend it completely 180 degrees without a "snap" throw it away. This is the most important telltale sign out there, stems need to be soft and bendable...
3. Smaller leaves.
4. Shorter internodal spacing
Preventing dudding
1. No mother plant, ever! If u taker lower branch clones, game over, almost all were duds, learned the hard way. Top of mother cuttings is a crap shoot. Take top healthy vegging plant cuts.
2. Extra extra light in veg to get vigorous growth, cuts directly under light were good, farther away in corner became more dud prone.
3. Healthy veg for sure will get you through it. If they not "praying" to the light. Might be trouble.

I've tried all the remedies out there,nothing works, except for vigorous growth in veg. This dud thing is for REAL! It's crazy to see, I have literally had dud buds right next to perfect on the same branch! It'll make you lose your mind! If you got gorilla lately and all is good, trust me, dud problems will come!Give it 1 to 1.5yrs. Maybe you won't lose a whole room but you will see it, on a lower branch, or whatever. I guarantee it!!!! Wish you all luck and hope some of this might help a few.
I am dealing with exactly every symptom you just mentioned, any luck getting them to bounce back?
Hey man, sorry for the late reply. Backing the light off buys you time, clorothalonal helps only sometimes? Not sure why. I'm still working on it bro! Grey Market has a lot of good advice. I do feel to be getting closer tho, I'll keep u notified.
Keeping pH as stable as possible. Go as long as u can before watering for a few waterings. Right before they wilt or shortly after, just your bottom leaves. There is no majic bullet as Far as I've found, I will be trying a new class of fungicide here shortly. Let me know if you've gotten anywhere with it. Not Saying we have identical issues? But the more info the better. Just finished polying my room real well, I'll be doing some more testing with a different setup!
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Ok, so on another site someone posted about harpin proteins, sold by the brand Axiom. It stimulates the plants immune system and can lead to a plant more capable of fending off disease, and another brand, Regalia, has shown positive results with FUSARIUM!

Looking around and researching harpin proteins brought me to this:


Regalia is an extract of giant knotweed and is used as a soil drench and foliar.

Regalia® controls Fusarium on tomatoes when applied through drip irrigation.

I ordered some, this place has it for $101 shipped

This is good stuff. They have also patented this proprietary protein. It's good as a SAR and activating the plant's immune system.
I ended up doing a total clean out of both veg and flower. Killed everything and started new beans. I have had no trouble since the clean out although now any twist of a leaf of yellowing leaf freaks me the hell out. First harvest is mid august
I'm sure someone has added this about duds, just in case it was not, the stem will not turn purple no matter how hard you stress it. I bought 7 diamond og and 4 got the dud syndrome. I bought 40 gg4 and got 3 with the syndrome. My buddy made 2 clones of sfv just to keep in his library and it starting to have the syndrome, lateral branching and perfect light green stem. Oh yah, JW is still denying that he ever had a dud from the gg4.... Can't blame him for lying! I've ran gg4 3 times and I've ran across duds each and every time. The first time I had no ideal about duds and had it dudded out about 5% of my garden. Then I made clones and had duds in 40% of my veg garden. I was able to detect it in late veg after scouring the forms. Dumped them ! This time around I bought 40 clones and thought I was able to pic out the non duds...almost made it free and clear....only had 3 duds that showed its ugly head after 1 week of vegging.

Picking out clones that won't dud is hard if the clones are under 5 inches. I always look for that one big bottom fan leaf. If it doesn't have that big fan leaf somewhere , I'm just rolling the dice.

The diamond og that dudded was my fault! I thought og don't usually dud. The clone had close internode spacing and they only had 7 left so I took the chance....freaking eh! So yah...make sure to look for big fan leaves on clones if u r purchasing them...it's not a guarantee but it's a damn good indication that it should be ok.
It's in the same room with the same feed. I do check my ph meter every 2 weeks. 5.8-5.9 for coco.

Wisher, how is that a ph problem? What are the symptoms of ph issue? Please note I'm writing this with no condescension, I just would like to know. Thanks bro!

But that is the classic look of dudding gg4! Small leaves, hard lateral branching, tighter internode spacing, and perfectly light green stem without any purple.
I was just looking at the leaves and i can see slight twisting and some of the leaves are starting to or have twisted to one side or the other...as in edge points turning right or left.....just an observation
Thanks for your feedback bro!

Oh the one on the left is the healthy ( non dudding) plant. I have never ran the gg4 without any twisting of the leaves at some point of the grow. Have u ran the gg4 before Wisher619?