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i use a measuring spoon... ohh ya i use 5 gallon buckets.. 1 tsp is 5 ml i forget to cut my base nutes... when using moab..

I cut my base in half and use 10ml per 5 gallon on my heavy feeding strains.
5 ml for the cooks tho. I usually use it in 6 and 7 too.
I also use hammerhead @ 5 ml gallon weeks 2-7(half strength wk 6&7)
I know 5ml is a tsp but my question was how the hell r u gunna mesure 1ml of MOAB?
baba G

baba G

bean sprouts are tasty
here is a row of GSC, everything against the wall is cookies.
Day 25



use your scale if you're having a tough time trying to measure your powder nutrients with liquid volume measurements...

tip burn with moab means you fucked up - don't use as much next time. I get argued with about this but I swear to god every plant I've smoked with tip burn has a harsh undertone that knocks out alot of the taste.
I'm gunna need 2 bust out the scale then.. If I make a small batch 2 foliar I'm gunna need less then a ml b'cuz I only used 16oz 2 spray my plants..

I always get light tip burn on my plants & I sure know what u mean about the smoke after.. But as long as u do a super flush like a full 14 days & get that runoff down to under 200 (150 & under is best) then the smoke will b pretty good.. I'm always testing new nutes & different things & I fuck up lots of plants with tip burn..LOL


Has anybody seen or heard from iLLmind lately? I haven't seen him around in a long time.. He was gunna post up some flicks but never did.. If anybody see's him or knows how 2 get ahold of him tell him 2 get at me.. I hope he's all good juss loaded as fuck off then cookies..
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