Gmd's Freaky Grow Dungeon

here's some shotf form the flower room
first 2 are Orange Glue (GG#4 x Agent Orange (Subcool TGA))
next is elmer's glue (GG#4 x The White OG) ver similar structure as the Orange Glue

next 3 are Golden Pineapple at 8 1/2 weeks

last three are Acapulco Gold. This girl is a beast. She's in a tomato cage for added stability and keeps stretching every time i feed her. Her tips got a little burn for the last feeding so i think i'll skip feeding next week.
I am happy to announce that preliminary testing of the Strawberry Diesel, A's DSD and Kali Mist last night was off the charts. Everyone was impressed that I smoked out, especially with the Strawberry Diesel, but the Kali Mist was delicious and excellent as was the A's DSD. The Golden Pineapple I think I'll let go another few days. She was good, taste was amazing, but she needs a few more days.
trimming begins today!
pics soon
Ok first up is the Acapulco Gold. I think she's doing just swell. I leave her the hell alone for the most part. She's drinking up about 3 liters of water a day. She was showing some signs of hunger so I gave her a handful of the Happy Frog Bulb food. She then showed some tip burn on the leaves, so I shook my head a little, flipped her off and walked out of the room. I have her a little Cal Mag yesterday. Maybe she'll like the touch of N in that. Bitch. Other than that, she might get fed once a week

then we have some Wedding Cake that have been plucked and lollipopped. I'm really looking forward to getting this girl in from of the big light. She puts out buds like there's no tomorrow.and the smell is sweet, creamy, fresh vanilla cake. It's fucking ridiculous. I hope I can do her justice in the potency dept.

last up is a nice big Sour Princess She's a touch over 2 weeks in

I'm no thinking I'll do a hydro tray full of smaller plants and make it a mix of the Bubba Kush (Humboldt Seeds - see below) and the Ghost OG. Flood and drain to keep it simple, just to get my feet wet with the new nute line. Then I said the hell with it, I'll run the Emerald Harvest with both hydro and the next round of coco girls. So here we go..

The Golden Pineapple is in a jar for the night. She did put out some nice buds. I'll get a couple shots as soon as they are dry

ah yes, the Humboldt Seeds Bubba Kush, when I purchased the Seeds, were described pre98 Bubba x pre98 Bubba. When I received the seeds I read up on them again and the description read Bubba x OG. So I have no clue which I received. We'll see how they turn out.

final pics are the strawberry diesel and kali mist at harvest. the kail ist buds turned out pretty good for a 90% sativa. And the smoke is wonderful
The horizontal light girls got their first dose of Overdrive last week. They are just over 6 weeks and looking very nice, methinks. I am weary of the yield on these girls although the buds are tight and look good. The yield will not be as good as what the Willy Jack will yield - see pics below. I'm going to have to pick up a DE light for winter and start scrogging to get the yield up for horizontal light growing.

1) Acapulco Gold. This girl is at 9 weeks this week and becoming ridiculous. Buds everywhere but not much in the way of trichs yet. i top dressed a little Mg and will give her plain water for a bit.
2) Sour Princess
3) Here's the Willy Jack. She's at 9 weeks today and keeps putting out pistils. She's been on plain water for a week and a half. i took a tester bud or three and sampled them. She was prety fantastic. The taste was earhty wiht a haze spice. The buzz was a sativa all in the head stooooooned. She reminds me of the Kali Mist with triple the yield. I'm prety happy. Sampled some of the Elmer's Glue (GG#4 x The White OG). She's ridiculous. I don't remember hwo she tasted but the buzz was hard hitting. One friend stopped after 2 tokes. :-)
4) Here's a pic of the plants under the Horizontal light. I think they look pretty good. The Orange Glue on the near left and Strawberry Diesel near right
5) Orange Glue
6-9) Wedding Cake. This girl is frosting up fantastically. I hope the buds get a bit bigger. I have a feeling she'll be a keeper.
Well, I have good news and bad news.

the bad news is the Acapulco Gold in flower is dead. My fault - I over-watered her a time or two too many. The good news is I have a mother plant of her and will be taking another clone today.

Other good news is the Wedding Cake came down last night. the buds are rock hard and frosty. I'm very happy. The Orange Glue came down the day before along with the unknown girl. All strains have tested off the charts, well, my chart anyway. I'm extremely happy. This Wedding Cake though, the buzz is exquisite and refined and the flavor is oily skunky funk. I'm happy