Grow 2 - Indoor - Auto Bluetooth, Caramelicious and Magnum from MSNL

Am I missing something in that video? Because it doesn't show that blues are the go to for veg. Did I miss something?

My Mars Hydro Spectrum is below. A spike in blue around 450nm and reds from 600 to 670 or so. But this already have a very small amount of blue.
19.4% red
78.5% green
2.1% blue

I have highlighted the 77.6 which is it's CRI, which is actually pretty terrible.


These new lights will be 97 CRI which means this is very close to natural light which is 99CRI (100 is the sun). This is awesome for growing, or at least I'd expect it to be. I'm glad I will get to experiment a bit. I have two options for 97CRI, 30K and 35K. We built samples of each that we will not use for customer orders. So it's either scrap, or we give them out to whoever wants them.



I found the blue limiting stretching and making for denser nodal spacing without sacrificing yield interesting.

But yes, in general that light sounds v interesting for growing.
I installed 2 of the 4, 30K, 97CRI lights today. I’m planning to put another 2 on the other side.
They are 20W each with a premium COB. I couldn’t tell you the equivalency to any other grow light, but I’ve got them each at 1800 lumens.

I’ve got them installed angled on one side of my mars hydro at the moment. We shall see how they fair there.
It’ll be interesting to see what they do!


Just the 30K, 97CRI on:


Just the Mars Hydro TS1000 on:


All on:

Got the other 2 installed. Now to monitor the plants for too much light. I can’t imagine another 80W of power will hurt too much, but when I look up ideal umols that cannabis likes, I’m exceeding it.

But, so far so good.