Iranian autoflower (outdoor 2010)

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IA is more photo sensitive than autoflowering which makes it a GREAT outty strain. you can veg the under 24 hour light indefinately and they will start flowering as soon as you put the outdoors; further, there is one pheno of two that will not flower until late july early august in the northern hemisphere. here are a couple pics of the two phenos in action. the first is the easrly pheno and the second is late pheno. both were put outside on the same date :)


Doc is the only place you can get them.

Doc is the only place I have ever bought seeds from until recently when I tried THCbay here on The Farm. I usually get my orders from Doc in 5 to 10 business days from Canada to The States. Logic got mine to the States in 3 business days! I was very suprised. Props to the Farm on that. I just couldnt pass up T.H.Seeds going for half price! :banana:
IM GETTING READY TO ORDER SOME IAF MYSELF......logic only takes 3 days OMG i got to hit him up ! awsome grow


Sorry I havent been around lately. I had to move my residence 2 hours away from where I used to live. It was a success! and all my girls made it as well. Just wanted to let everyone know I was ok, and my internet connection is back up.


yes welcome back are those ladys coming along ? I want to get a batch of thesse babys in before the december frost . whats the longest i can veg them under a 24 / 7 light before i put them out side ?


Thanks! I have a batch of Dr. Greenthumbs C-99 that I just put into flower. They are 1 week in and as soon as I get a little more settled into my new place I am going to start a thread.


In regards to docs c99 , since her yeilds are better would i be better off picking her up using the same method to beat the december frost ?
that plant is a trichotic individual. I love it when I find these guys in a selection. They have the potential to produce three nodes for every two that a normal double leaf individual will produce. Does that mean more potential floral mass? If this trait could be selected for by a skilled individual and fixed.....


Well my stash pile is getting low, so I decided to make a few runs of hash. !st on my list, IAF. This is the trim off of the girl in this thread. About 1/3 of a grocery bag.

Here we are all stirred up and ready.

I only used 3 bags on this run, 2 for trash, and this one with the good stuff!

The pile is growing...

And finally, I think I will sit down and Treat Myself!


Again, I hate this thread got screwed up from the ambient light. Mabey we will try again next summer. I ended up with almost 3 and a half ounces. Great night time smoke. Strong Indica. I will def grow this strain again. Peace Out Hommies!


I understand that the iaf can be kept in vegetative stage long enough to clone and was wondering..

1. How does iranian respond to topping? I'm hoping to get lots of extra branches for clones, should I not top after first month of growth (to decrease chance of autoflower kicking in due to stress of topping)

2. will variations in indoor environment after first month of growth increase chance of flowering kicking in before switching to 12/12 or outdoors?

3. when is most ideal time to take clones off these (anytime after 5-6th veg node?), is stress from taking clones capable of inducing flowering? Can clones be taken first month of growth without mother being stressed into automatic flowering? Do following sets of cuttings taken after first set of cuttings experience similar success rates?

Thanks in advance guys, I'll be looking to try iranian next year regardless, just trying to get on top of my game early :talking


For the people who have grown Iranian Short Season, would you grow it again ?


this is a no brainer

the iranian is mindblowingly potent and yields 3-4 times as much as any other auto i have tried and i've tried 'em all. at this point in time and until the other breeders have caught up i wouldn't even think of growing any others


ive got a couple of questions for ya while ur doing this outdoors.

- what kind of soil/nutrients did u use throughout the process?
- im thinking of planting these in early early spring like mid may, do u think it will hold up to the spring frost?
- how much water did u give these guys weekly?


any one have any iss beans or crosses to trade? pm if interested.the info
here was good to know and helped me,thanks.


Iranian autoflower

i'm looking for a auto flower with high yields. my question is what would happen if i grew Iranian auto flower completely indoors? will is still have more yield then other auto flowers out there? and if it doesn't what would be the best auto strain out there?


If planted outdoors in a pot on June 1st what is the largest sized pot needed? Would using a 15 gallon pot be advantageous?
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