OG Kush, New Flower Room, 2nd grow, and another thread 🤣🤣

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Welp. To say the least, I’m completely proud of myself for sticking this one out. Life got tough, long hours at work, but I’d get home, have the family time and water the babies. Every...damn..day. I was around 25 gallons a week, hand watering 4 plants. The babies continue to teach me patience, they broaden my time management skills, and expand my knowledge on agriculture. Whose ready for the final (nug only) weight, no larf. I’ve also got two winners of some seeds! View attachment 1060451
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@sportyridr 599gramzz.. you were just over by 7 grams. Nice guess. DM me a valid mailing address and you’ll have some wicked beans in your mail box soon.
@ArrEll 570gramzz.. was just about an ounce short. DM me a valid address and I’ll get you out some beans as well.

Thanks for participating and making this harvest one to remember.

Quick smoke report. Smokes of sweet kush. Got tones of sweet earthy soil terps. Love it. This is 12 days drying in room 62-69 degrees/ 50-62rh. Dried just absolutely perfect. Check out the ash, no cure.
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Thanks for being such an awesome community. 💚
Address sent. Thank you! Kush Rules!


Congrats @BurnzYzBudZz on your harvest. Your hard work trials & tribulations paid off. Also to @ArrEll as well for his win.

Congrats to me lol...something just told me to guess just under 600g's. Maybe I better run out & get a few lottery tickets today 😅
First I have to put out a Thanksgiving meal as I'm also the head chef here as well as grow systems coordinator lol.

Thanks for having the contest @BurnzYzBudZz. Great community here at the Farm, happy I settled here. Look forward to making some fire with those beans.
Not a problem. Good guess. Almost
Spot on. Happy thanksgiving to all. And enjoy your beans.


Not a problem. Good guess. Almost
Spot on. Happy thanksgiving to all. And enjoy your beans.

I've had a bit of luck with seeds earlier this year as well. I was one of the 50 winners for a pack of these Parvati Valley Landrace seeds. There is the seed story here .


Was cool to win them but not sure they are a fit for me. Might be better served up with somebody else growing them. Seems they would be good for someone breeding these strains I think.

That said, looking forward to Burnzy's package, 1 if not 2 seeds will go down immediately as I need to start 2 more first of Dec.
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