Plants In Dark For 4 Days..

I personally am about to put two xxx og gals in the dark,just flushed about 3 days ago still needs to dry out. They are nugs already, just want them like the best. When you pick herb from a shop you get to see what you buy, that's what motivates me,that weed that you can't wait to get home and try out. Maybe even toke a bowl on the way home(passenger). Been up to Humboldt and down to San Diego, used to go to a lot of shops, still do, just know this method will get you heady ass nugs that you just have to share
I have been growing for more than 10 years in the emerald triangle and lol dude we are taking over mothafucker! No other hydro store is doing this for its customers. There's a whole database online bro. Take yourself the time and download the PDF's you will love it.

Escondido! Where are you at man? We got gavitas 1000eDE's for $450 plus tax.