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Papa Indica

Papa Indica

A large seed may not germ
A posted cut shall not herm
On yonder hill
A root bound plant
Revels in the joy of its cosy foundation
A sparrow cries
"What is the flowering time of the fabled amnesia"
A gruff voice answers
His tone hides his joy
Not one of his posted cuts
Revealed parts that are seen on a boy
Manc asks again
The questions been answered
The new guys here are like cancer
A fleeting glimpse of what once was
The best thread on the forums ......
Is ashes and dust
Those of us who were here will remember
Oh the beautiful days of yester
We are left now w a shadow
Of what cudda been our Valhalla
Retire now to our basements and our tents to swap cuts via pm
Even though u were busted
I am not disgusted
For i know u can be trusted
Where art thou on this day?
Laying bricks to pave the way
The chem dog was ur undoing
It twas indeed the chem that smelt like a baby pooing
A magnificent eagle
Soaring to the peaks
On the winds
Of mankinds finest intellects
Now nesting
Waiting for the call
The thread shall rise again
Out of the ashes of memes
And a lack of big boy pants
A poignant ode
A pillar
A rock
Owner of a small cock
The south shall rise again
Wow, I was moved. Really, it was like Poetry Jam at San Quentin. :facepalm:


Babe was directed by the same guy who directed Mad Max ;)

Looks tasty there Toaster

The new Mad Max was amazing it's nice to see that there's 1 person left in Hollywood who can make good movies and he's an Australian lol.
Mel Gibson is Australian, figure that ;) I actually love that guy and every single one of his movies.

But I couldn't digest the new Mad Max, just wasn't my cup of tea.
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