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Any idea on how it stacks up against Bloombastic? That stuff is actually quite good, but it is not cheap!
Personally, I can only speak to it comparing against Canna's pk 13-14 or whatever it is. Been so long since I've used a canna product.

I find MOAB to be the easiest to use, and most cost effective. Although I'm running at full strength this round, many never exceed 75% recommended doses and have noticeable improvements in bulk. Many recommend running MOAB + Hammerhead (tons of threads on MOAB here) for optimum results. Next run I intend on running this combo, but as I get dialed into growing (only second run since starting back up) I've taken it slow with the additives.

Oh, also, MOAB is a replacement for shooting powder, and carries a slightly higher PK ratio than shooting powder.


Any idea on how it stacks up against Bloombastic? That stuff is actually quite good, but it is not cheap!

MKP 457g
MAP 43g
b1 .5g

mix dry in 1 container..
I like 1 ml a gallon 1st week of flower, and 5,6 flower

RECIPE FOR MOAB w/out vitamin B-1 @ 1 tsp/5 gal:

.1 grams/gal MAP
1.07 grams per gallon MKP

this is based on my MOAB weighing 5.7 grams per teaspoon and coming out to

K: 80

when added to 5 gallons of water (recommended dose is 1-2 tsp per 5 gal)

.1 MAP and 1.07 MKP comes out to

N: 3
P: 71

An Hammerhead 0 9 18
Hammerhead 0-9-18

Mono Potassium Phosphate 107g
Potassium Sulphate 68g
Magnesium Sulphate 4g

1g/gallon water. Make them yourself 😉


No updates on the ladies, so i thought I'd share where the other magic happens. This is the veg closet. Obviously not a ton of space, but works great for getting things started with the little Growstar S600 providing the lighting.

We have:

6x slicing cucumbers in coco. These babies just received a bump in feed EC. Will be running four in 3 gallon pots of coco outdoors, with automated feeding. The other two will be set in the ground in a no-till raised bed.

6x anaheim peppers. All of these will likely be in fabric pots as well, also running in coco. Haven't had much luck with the peppers the past couple years, think the raised bed is lacking in what they desire.

6x multi colored bell peppers. Will live next to the anaheims.

2x GG#4 x GSC feminized. These will be the costars in the next tent run.

2x Xanadu feminized. The other costars for the tent.

And of course, the cactus patch. Most of these are about four months old, some are five months old. This collection is always expanding now.










I'll snag pics later, but wanted to drop this in here before I forget. With last night's res change out I dropped the MOAB, and changed the feed schedule a little bit. Now running 25% Part A, 75% Part B. The reason for this is the while the girls are still drinking ~3 gallons a day, the EC was climbing consistently and the pH was dropping. Per Aqua Man, the reason for this is the MAP in MOAB releases h+ ions when the plant consumes the ammonium, which drives down the pH, while the EC was climbing due to excess N the plants simply didn't need anymore, and likely the excess PK from the MOAB.

With the trichcomes steadily getting cloudy, I think the girls are likely past the majority of their bulking, and the next two weeks simply don't warrant the high feeding anymore. 420 PPM this AM, and since I forgot to do a final pH last night, it was a little high -- that's been brought back down to 5.5. Hoping to start seeing the signature fade of this strain start in the next few days!


Final attempt... 4/6 have damped off, doing a h2o2 wash on these before sending to a shot glass for an overnight soak. Fingers crossed these pull through, this has been a strain on my list for a while.



Just a quick one for today. MOAB is now at 100% and base nutes at 50%. Will run at this level for the next week, then cut everything by 25% each res change out the following week. Planning on a one week flush with pH'ed water for week 10 and will chop at that point as I predict the trichomes will be mature and I'll have extracted all these girls can give by then. Looks like they're starting to fade a bit anyways, so they know their time is coming near.

I also made up a batch of infused coconut oil last night. Overall threw ~30g decarboxylated sugar leaf, larf, and flower in with a heaping cup of coconut oil and let it sit on low heat for a few hours. Came out with a nice pistachio ice cream color, and the ol lady said it has the distinct earthy flavor -- strong enough to make her gag lol. Hoping it'll help my buddy with his RA and OA. Think I'm going to dig into doing more cooking with this stuff, save some people a fortune on the dispensary products when it costs me almost nothing to produce.

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