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  1. fishbuds

    Calling all Scroggers - More plants less veg vs more veg fewer plants?

    Watering, pruning, anything, is a bitch with scrog. Alot of plants under the screen means alot of extra work. 5 plants under the screen in a 4x4 tent is my ideal #.
  2. Dirtboy808

    Dragons Flame Genetics 2020 and beyond...

    If you need more wiggle wire they have them in Keaau at Ohana GH. Also if you want to hang your Quest like mine let me know. Your landlord has my #. I like it it is out of the way. My wife does the staking. Aloha DB
  3. BurnzYzBudZz

    I got Break-in my grow house

    Be cautious next grow is my $.02. They waiting for you to up your plant #. 🤣

    POTorNOT, NEEDS? crazy concierge

    how have you been? need anything? I'll have extra cake, as well, probably last week of the month. I'm avoiding the noise on the news. actually got a softy offer on the house, to b of use and it freaked me out... toot soon. g doesn't even know it was listed. oops... couldn't decide whether it was...
  5. Mikelej14

    Mars-Hydro 420 giveaway! Everyone have fun!

    ...well before said contest would have began- to at least know they were folks in the community, and not only taking advantage of a good faith system. Also as i mentioned before, it is a little discouraging for new growers when it is a picture contest, because our best is 100% of the time...
  6. BurnzYzBudZz

    Under act aphid infestation

    Don’t claim you’re legal then be afraid to give your license #. Lol you sure are arrogant for a business man. Have a good one.. Burnz

    current season

    longtime navy buddy (not to infer i served), was back in the hospital, yesterday. i sent copies of "my best thingy", to 4 more... mostly non-pot peeps, to remind them what i owe, so to speak...whether they knew what kind of impact, words, community and relationships have; how they inspire me...


    @Indiva710 finally! always lose their #. 710, meet builder... first grow... we want him close and given shortcuts n contacts so he can surpass n teach us, by half past noon. feel me? i think you'll appreciate the grower's mind.
  9. Buzzer777

    Who is the go to LED guy?

    And will follow with your tracking #.

    Making tropicanna lemon tree seeds

    i meant to ask YOU PEOPLE, if nobody minds: can y'all tell the difference, when yours are knocked up? pics? i powered the entire rotation. it would b my 3rd pollination and 2nd, "non oops" one. i can never tell. I've not grown current strains, impregnated... in fact, not at all, b4. if i had to...
  11. Dirtbag

    What Deficiency Is This?

    Looks like advanced K and possibly Ca def. I'd feed them something like 1-4-5, something with a high K #. Wont recover the leaves but it's clearly starving for it. Itll help the buds finish properly.
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