1. GmanD

    Northern Ontario Strains

    skunk #1, northern lights #11, Aurora Borealis
  2. Phylex

    West Coast Chronicles

    For those interested, here's a smoke report from an independent tester. I'll post more reports as they come in. Ghost Train Haze #1[/U] - Appearance - compact nugs. A bit dry but when cracked open, a direct sniff showed that it retained its bouquet wonderfully. 7/10 - Bouquet - a strangely...
  3. K

    MooseFarts Outdoor Grow 2019

    ...haha. I'm topping the LC like crazy, but letting the AK grow naturally just to see the difference. Katyusha hasn't liked the few cold nights we've had, and has been struggling to rebound. The back right plant is actually Sensi's Afghani #1, repotted and rescued from certain outdoor demise.
  4. Minitiger

    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    ...day 71 of flower. As you can see, there's a pretty decent amount of phenotype variation between the two plants. I actually think the smaller one, #1, leans towards the Lavender part of the Wookie dad. I don't really have any evidence to back that up, as I've never grown Lavender, but it...
  5. KneeDeep34

    Michigan outdoor questions

    It's a custom strain I've been working on... a cross between jack Herer, platinum girl scout cookie, skunk #1, pine tar kush, BlackBerry kush and bluedream lol then that one strain crossed back with Jack Herer. So I have no idea what to call it lol
  6. A

    Consider Cogos

    Mr toad is hoping that people cant read he has supplied you all of the documents lets address mr toads concerns one at a time #1, Mr toad has unequivocally stated beyond a shadow of a doubt that I turned in 11000 addresses so what does the affidavit say? It says I sent out 11000 orders #2. Mr...
  7. Burned Haze

    2019 outdoor season

    ...caterpillars /moths ( works jut as good as dipel df ) 4. Hit it like this conserve sc , alt choice #1 , alt choice #2, conserve sc, alt choice #1, alt choice #2 , conserve sc ( since you can only use it 3 times max? These pest can become resistant and it’s always best to play the IPM...
  8. Kushman1971

    Hello THC Farmers

    ...very wide fan leaves with extreme narcotic couchlock buzzes that are excellent for self-medicating for pain relief and insomnia 💤 Ex: Afghani #1, Aurora Indica, the Black, Blackberry Breath, Cataract Kush, Chem #4, Deep Chunk, Forum Cut GSC, Herijuana, the Hog, LA Confidential, Meatbreath...
  9. rickysimples

    Rainbow Belts & Blarney Kush

    More Ghost Cake - This is pheno #1, my favorite of the three. Very greasy, oily, and OG gas. Some of my favorite smoke of all time.
  10. Dirtbag

    Road Kill Skunk

    I remember this stuff and also wish I could find it. The best skunk I ever had was actually in England in 1998, skunk #1, and it smelled just like a roadkill skunk. The super skunk, skunk 1 and shiva skunk we got in the early 00's in the lower mainland BC was also very skunky. I'm sitting on a...
  11. R

    Y'all breeders better patent your stains

    Too late I've already patented Marijuana #1, you all owe me royalties.