1. logic

    Rug Burn OG

  2. rickysimples

    Rainbow Belts & Blarney Kush

    More Ghost Cake - This is pheno #1, my favorite of the three. Very greasy, oily, and OG gas. Some of my favorite smoke of all time.
  3. Dirtbag

    Road Kill Skunk

    I remember this stuff and also wish I could find it. The best skunk I ever had was actually in England in 1998, skunk #1, and it smelled just like a roadkill skunk. The super skunk, skunk 1 and shiva skunk we got in the early 00's in the lower mainland BC was also very skunky. I'm sitting on a...
  4. R

    Y'all breeders better patent your stains

    Too late I've already patented Marijuana #1, you all owe me royalties.
  5. logic

    Colombian Queen

  6. logic

    Colombian Kush