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    Rockwool in Hydroton filled net pot?

    Do you put the rockwool on the very bottom of the pot? or bury it kinda in the middle? Mind are about an inch up from the bottom of the net pot and are taking a while for the roots to reach the water....plants are all a little droopy. I raised the water level so the rockwool is touching the...
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    Brown Algae Source

    how do you clean the chiller? and how do you normally clean the piping?
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    Brown Algae Source

    So in case anyone else out there has cleaned the SHIT out of their buckets and ran Physan 20 over and over, yet still has algae residue at water level on the buckets and epicenter....CHECK the black return piping from the return manifold to the pump and epicenter! I cut it in the middle of...
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    Sure to grow? Anyone using it?

    Saw sure to grow's net pot inserts....I was curious if anyone is running them in our systems and how they like the performance of this product. Thanks!
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    From EZ Cloner to UC?

    So the problem was not with the plants getting enough water to the roots when transplanted into the UC from the EZ cloner, It was that they had slight root rot and tan roots when I put them in....Just finished pulling them all out and cutting new clones to try this one more time haha. DS is...
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    From EZ Cloner to UC?

    DS, how do you clone for your undercurrents? Rockwool? Ive read your walk through on how to VEG for the UC, but what about cloning? Thanks
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    From EZ Cloner to UC?

    How big of a hole do you cut in the net pots? I thought about that, but wouldnt hydroton fall out into the water?
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    From EZ Cloner to UC?

    First run I used 4 inch rockwool cubes, but this second run I'm attempting to go straight from ez cloner into the veg UC system. How high should I keep the water level and do you have to top feed by hand for a while so the clones dont dry out in the hydoton? They have been in there for about...
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    Bloom Boosters?

    What is everyones experience with bloom boosters and which ones have given the best results in the UC? Im currently running H and G nutes
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    Help with Leaf Diagnosis Please

    I think it looks like phosphorous deficiency, leaf stems are purple as well? Not quite sure. It's from a mother plant in a waterfarm hydro module. Feeding at 450ppm, about 2 feet tall and a month old. Using Flora Duo GH feeding schedule for nutes with cal mag. Thanks
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    Identify that Insect Game! Help

    sorry for the tiny picture, I struggled figuring out how to post a picture to the forum
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    Identify that Insect Game! Help

    [/URL][/IMG] What kind of insect is this? Thrips? Thank you!
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    Undercurrent height

    I'm running 13g with 7ft ceilings, just scrog and use raptor air cooled relfectors and you will never have any first grow I didnt expect a strain to stretch more than others, and it was actually touching the glass on the raptor without burning. Unbelievable.
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    Reuse Net Pots?

    Just curious if guys are re using the net pots or tossing them after each grow?
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    Disassemble undercurrent... What's the easiest way???

    What about vegetable oil? Is that okay to use?