Cali Legal!!! Wtf We Do Now

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wobbly goblin

wobbly goblin

Good product sells. People come and go. I love desert growing. Each his own, but quick easy money days are gone.
good produce does sell
1 lb easy
50 lb a bit harder
1000 lbs a lot harder
what happens when you have 50,000 folks producing 20,000 lbs each of good product?
and? another 20 states go legal with 10,000 per state thinking sinsemillionair?
sounds to me like a lot of folks are going to lose their asses before the dust settles and the big boys come in to play
regardless, good luck to you all

Im not really interested in growing in the desert. It really looks like the best option is going to be operating as a collective and crossing our fingers... So many people crush it without any kind of permits and have been doing so for years, I feel like we would be fine if we use a place that is already set up and at least have our water rights secured and do what we can to have everything in compliance with guidlines with water etc... It seems like they go after the "biggest guy on the hill" or the people creating a lot of environmental/ fire hazards. I spoke with a guy from on the phone, they're consultants out of Arcata and they were explaining everything with water rights and runnoff and things like that, I'm probably going to schedule an appointment to meet with them and figure things out. It's going to be interesting to see what comes of this. We have enough capital to do SOMETHING..
The local permitting is definitely going to be your biggest hurdle. Most of the counties and cities allowing cultivation have set up their guidelines specifically to prevent out of area growers from moving in. If you were not established before 2016 you are going to have a rough time almost anywhere. Even here in Mendo something like 90% of the county has zoning where they won't allow it now, and new applications won't accepted for new permits till 2020, which limits the county to the 350 growers who signed up in 2016. That number is already dropping due to the high cost of compliance and the fact that most grows were simply never set up to be sustainable and lack the basics like water, flat land, road access, etc.

I would also agree with Bulldog that a start up expansion will likely cost millions at this point. I know there is no way we could afford to out-right buy what we have now, not even close - it would cost millions now. We've been able to keep moving forward because we've been preparing for this for over a decade, so all the infrastructure and land is already in place and was done when costs were low and prices were high. Same old story with any industry or land boom - if you didn't get in when land was cheap, and weren't doing it before the rush good luck.


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I feel like we would be fine if we use a place that is already set up and at least have our water rights secured and do what we can to have everything in compliance with guidlines with water etc
Water rights are really only a thing if you're an actual farmer, vintner, etc, and that stuff is heavily grandfathered in. If you purchase a property on which a well is required, you'll have to go through all the paperwork to see if you get water and/or mineral rights.
when i read threads like this, it makes me wonder..where the hell they plan on selling all this weed they would grow..especially when there are literally thousands or tens of thousands of other individuals with the same plan...and that is just in cali
And YOU, my friend, just hit on why I am no longer focusing on trying to work within this industry. Between market saturation and the home invasion, scuba diving is just my speed.


Better? How? Who's gonna do it? CCHI, seriously?

Here's the deal--WE, we growers and consumers of cannabis, cannot get along. Period. We disagree, we infight, we implode. Then, someone else comes in and takes over our sandbox. No more room for bitching about that now. Why? Because, not a one of "us" could put down our righteous outrage and indignation for one second to simply compromise with each other.
Seamaiden has hit the nail on the head here:-/ I am in WA state and was one of the first licensed recreational growers in the state. We are as transparent and communicative as we possibly can be but that is not the case for most growers in our system, I502. Each farm thinks their way is the only way. Each farm thinks that they have something that someone else in the system wants. In reality no other farm wants what any others have or do because of course they think theirs is the only way:-/ There are as many ways to grow weed as their are people that do it.

That does not mean that you do not need to come together to shape as much as possible the regulatory processes that will govern anyone in the "legal" regulatory market. In my experience little if any of what works for growers gets through the regulators but you have to try and if any of the hard work pays off you are at least that much ahead of the game. Here in WA state it is run by the liquor control board and if you think for even one moment that they were the right folks to manage this you are sadly mistaken. Their mission is to regulate it while controlling use:-( What the heck is that supposed to mean? In reality what it does mean is they will take the tax dollars and try to put up roadblocks at every juncture. Worse of all is that if the regulatory body that manages it all does not kill you, your local communities and counties are likely to. It is a serious up hill battle but I am here as a middle class old lady who had nothing to work with, no money, no business experience and yet I have been growing recreational cannabis here now for 3 full years. We are still in business.....we grow some nice weed......we make enough to stay in the game (just barely) but we are a part of the process and we are as active as we possibly can be in regulation and legislation that affects not only us but all legal growers in the state. It is not perfect and it is in fact horribly flawed but it is the beginning from which we all work to create something better!

The only way you can have any influence on the outcome is if you give as much of your time as you can manage to be a part of the process. You will be surprised at what you can accomplish even though it will never seem like enough:-)


I'm not to sure what all you stoners are thinking, but we got legal weed here now. I'm not to happy about it but fuck it lets make the best of it I guess. Where do we go from here? I can't imagine seeing our grassroots industry getting shit out by the corporates. So now what u people think is going to happen to us? All I know is what happens in the next 2 years will likely dictate the next 20. Anyhow let's hear some opinions
Medical laws will remain intact- my suggestion to all of my patients is to keep there medical card up to date because you will always have a certain privilege with it.


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Watch out there's a new sheriff in town running the federal government. Those going legal will be exposed to the Feds. Just a matter of time. I'm one state north the idiots running the "recreational marijuana" sales divulged all legal grows, dispensing and testing facilities on there nationwide website. Keep your medical card!!!! There not coming after us yet. I feel for you guys because it's a cluster fuck up here.


when i read threads like this, it makes me wonder..where the hell they plan on selling all this weed they would grow..especially when there are literally thousands or tens of thousands of other individuals with the same plan...and that is just in cali
Going to be a lot of unemployed cannabis farmers.
Wait until it's legal nation wide.
All the big tobacco companies are just going to import it from Columbia and other countries where labor is cheap.
Currently in Columbia you can buy an Oz. for 10$ (160$ Lb.) that's street prices imagine wholesale.
I know there is a market for boutique cannabis just like the wine model.
It's going to come down to good old marketing and branding.
Start building a name and brand for yourself.


Let's wait and see in 2018 if there will be changes on how the government will handle this marijuana issues the US currently have.


First-time grower thought it was a little cold so I put a heater next to the plant for about 10 minutes and now my plant is showing signs of it going to die how to fix the problem and will my plant completely died pull the heater off it is now putting the AC on it
man wrong fucking thread.... by the way it's probably just wilted and not going to just die lol.. you dont need and AC to cool it down now unless the room is really hot...


One problem I see isn't that people won't come to there senses after it sinks in . They will. But because this was a vote of the people it will take an other vote of the people take changes. First they must agree on how it would be changed , then someones going to have to pony up a million bucks to get it on the ballet. The people won't have rich backers like the authors of this ballot did to get it done being Mom and Pop growers. Volunteer signature drives have already been tried ( CCHI) , it's going to take money and a lot of work to enact change. Would have been so much easier to get it right in the first place! The rich backers of this new law played on peoples wanting legalization to set themselves up . Just makes me sick to see people tricked so easy.
Scary thoughts if it's going to happen wouldn't we be best to make the most of it?


This was a very big grab by the already rich to regulate the market and is a take over of the industry from Mom and Pop growers by industry and corporations . It will have an Ill effect on almost ever grower and consumer. While very little was gained, much was lost. Did we learn nothing from other states that we had to follow suit? Yes now you can grow 6 plants, if your a land owner or allowed by your land lord. If the county or city allows you to. Yes you can have up to an ounce on you instead of being fined up to $100 ( if you don`t have a recommendation). But you can still go to jail if you have more than two and you can sill get that ticket for between one and two ounces ! You are still allowed up to a pound with a recommendation from your doctor. In reality how many people who rent or live in apartments will bother to grow there allowed six ? Even 6 plants need constant care and that means being there and having the time , every time they have a need. Most will still buy and now they will have to travel to areas that do allow dispensaries and pay a higher amount with taxes increased to get there legal weed ! This won`t stop black market at all, it might make prices go up however because the legal market prices will go up with added taxes. People will go to jail, and now will pay more fines and higher prices as well. We just took big leaps backwards and we haven`t even had time to stop patting ourselves on the back yet! But hey some people will get even more rich, just not you and I .
What I think might happen is corporatons will grow and sell to the hospitals and pharmacies but that will be shit grown by Monsanto and other earth rapers.
Hopefully the cost to the small dispensaries will be too high for a gmo product. This is the industry that could actually say fuck you to Monsanto and Phillip morris and obtain their product from the private market. California though is still in a weird place with the mmj laws. The town I live in is trying now to pass a bill that allows manufacturer's to occupy specific areas of the town and pay a steep price to do it. The cities are still trying to figure it out. I also think there is a possibility that Trump might reverse what is in place. The laws are vague and if the dea wants to knock on your door they will. You will most likely go to jail if you have a significant grow. I only have 5 little plants and stinks up a 10 foot radius of my house! I have no idea what might happen if I get cops over here...
Keep on keeping on and adapt...
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