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Looking for someone to do a side by side with the two lights? I've already bought 4 of the expensive ones, want to send me the cheaper version? :)


I had a few issues with a SF-4000 I ordered on Amazon. Not a big deal, as no company is 100% perfect even with good QC. I left a review on Amazon that reflected my experience with the product as true reviews help other growers. I ended up returning the light and going with something else after Spider Farmer contacted me. I received messages from Spider Farmer through Amazon asking for a change in review for money. They worded it as a percentage refund. I didn't go for it though as it was offensive to me. It made me wonder though. How many times have they done this and what would their true star rating be on Amazon if they didn't pay for positive reviews? I don't care if their lights are good or bad. I am not reviewing them here, just saying I don't trust them. Stop circumventing honest feedback and just make a product that stands for itself.


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